Master Outline Gauge Short Tutorial Video And Tips

A master outline gauge makes it easier to copy curved lines. Read the entire blog post to find out the best ways to use your smart gadget. A short video will show you our tips!

How To Use Your Master Outline Gauge

Your master outline gauge can be used by pressing the teeth into a flat surface until all the ends are aligned. Then, press the comb against a cast surface, each tooth will contact a small area and move compared to the next tooth, it will adjust to the adjacent point. The tip of each tooth then identifies a point, creating a static wave around the curve, in the form of a trackable line. Tracking will be a bit difficult (because your pencil is in contact with the tip of each wire), but it is easy to smooth out.

However, the Master Outline Gauge do have limitations, especially where absolute consistency is needed — for example, when a wood or plaster molding has to match exactly the original. The Gauge will help you manage the first step of your work, but a certain amount of refinement will always be necessary. However, if you’re just looking to replicate the general look of a molding, this is definitely the one that you are looking for.


If your projects cause you to cut around multiple corners and curves, this tool will make them a lot easier. If your budget allows, pick a few lengths to make sure you can handle any mold or border size.